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Mecklenburg County, NC Public Records

The North Carolina Department of Administration is committed to transparency, allowing residents to access public records where possible. It does not apply to all information, considering General Statute 132 of the North Carolina public records law maintains certain non-confidential details should be protected. Vital information such as birth, death, marriage, and divorce records are available to eligible requesters. These include parents, close relatives, spouses, legal representatives, and the people on the record. These Mecklenburg County public records are sourced from the vital records division via the Department of Health and Human Services. However, anyone can access property records as interested parties may submit their requests for copies at the Register of Deeds office. It yields information concerning ownership, building details, property values, location, and land usage.

Courts in Mecklenburg County

Court Records in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Mecklenburg County court records are available for public viewing, provided the information is non-confidential. Information on civil or estate cases in the county may be accessed on public, self-service terminals at the Clerk of the court's office. Interested parties may view these records by going to the courthouse in person or via mail. The same goes for criminal court case records. These may also be accessed from the Clerk of the court. Interested parties would search the case records by providing party names and case numbers. Unfortunately, Mecklenburg County does not yet offer a remote public access approach for court records, though accessing files using a statewide portal is possible. Residents are also given access to a sex offender registry. It provides the names and addresses of offenders within Mecklenburg County as part of the criminal records database.

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Jails and Prisons in Mecklenburg County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Mecklenburg inmate records are available to the public in accordance with North Carolina public records laws. Inmate searches cover the individuals, names, physical identifiers, sentencing information, and parole dates. The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s office maintains inmate records. It offers an inmate search portal accessible to county residents and the wider public. Mecklenburg County inmates may receive visitors any day of the week so long as these are scheduled days in advance. The visits can either be done on-site or via video. Visitors are mandated to obey the given protocols, like dressing. Mecklenburg County also has five jails and prisons serving 1.122 million residents, ranked 99th out of 100 in jails per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
13777 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 200
801 East Fourth Street

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Mecklenburg County

Arrest Records in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Mecklenburg arrest records entail documentation of an individual’s suspected criminal participation. Records may include personal details, the arresting officer, and events leading up to detainment. Interested parties can also source these records from law enforcement agencies like Mecklenburg sheriff’s office. Though non-confidential information is available to the public, arrest records often contain sensitive or restricted details concerning juveniles and ongoing investigations. For that reason, these records would be open to eligible parties, law enforcement personnel, correctional facilities, and legal representatives. Criminal records which detail the individual’s entire history are also available at the Sheriff’s office or the Clerk of the Superior Court. Mecklenburg County has 35 police departments, and the crime rate is 41.67 for every 1,000 residents.

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