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Cumberland County, NC Public Records

Cumberland County public records include paper, electronic documents, letters, emails, photographs, or sound recordings made and stored by local government agencies. These are made available for access to the public following open records statutes, provided there are no legal restrictions. Vital records, including births, deaths, marriages, and divorce, are examples, as they are only accessible to eligible requesters. Births and deaths, particularly, are maintained by the County Register of Deeds. Divorces, though, are obtained from the county Superior Court and are issued by the office of the Superior Court Clerk. Property documentation like deeds, liens, and other land records are also accessible to the public. These are sourced from the Register of Deeds in person or via mail.

Courts in Cumberland County

Court Records in Cumberland County, North Carolina

Cumberland County court records are available to all requesters, provided no legal exemptions exist. The county Superior and District court is the main courthouse presiding over civil or criminal cases. Requesters searching records may get them from the courthouse in person or via a mail request. That is from the public terminals at the Clerk of the Court’s office. When submitting requests though, interested parties should provide relevant information on the case, like party names, numbers, and witness identities. Certain records are not available to all record seekers due to their content. Those which entail abuse, ongoing criminal investigations, and child custody are only available to legal representatives, parties to the case, or correctional facilities. Interested parties may also look up records from the statewide e-courts portal.

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Jails and Prisons in Cumberland County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Cumberland County, North Carolina

Cumberland County inmate records are accessible to all requesters per local open records laws. The County Sheriff’s Office maintains these, which provide information on inmates and the detaining facilities. Using the designated jail system allows record seekers to view contact information, visitation schedules, special management, inmate commissary, and welfare. It is also possible to access criminal charges and sentencing information. Inmates are allowed visitors weekly, though these must be scheduled well in advance. Visitors also have to adhere to facility regulations, such as wearing appropriate clothing and producing government identification on arrival. The county has two jails and prisons, serving 335,508 residents. It is ranked 97th out of 100 in jails per capita.

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Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Cumberland County

Arrest Records in Cumberland County, North Carolina

Cumberland County arrest records are available to all requesters, provided there are no legal exemptions. These are generated and maintained by the County Sheriff’s office. Arrest records include the individual’s physical description, criminal charges, witness statements, the arresting officer, and circumstances of the incidents. Records which entail ongoing criminal investigations, child custody, abuse, or financial crimes are not available to all parties. Eligible parties for these documents include law enforcement personnel, legal representatives, and parties to the incident. Interested requesters may also source criminal records from the Clerk of the Superior Court or the Sheriff’s office. Cumberland County has eight police departments, ranked 95th out of 100 in stations per capita. The crime rate is 53.49 per 1,000 residents.

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